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Mirthful Monday: Lark News – King James Translation Device Brings Faithful To TV Age


Our position here at El Rancho Reformado South (“ERRS”) is that the King James translation of the bible is a valid, worthwhile translationMirthful Mondays Return....Eddie Eddings Rides Again!! to be used amongst the people of God by those who wish to do so. Our bone of contention is with those who maintain it is the only valid English translation of the bible and that all others are evil, blasphemous, etc. It is in this spirit that this post is written.

This is an excerpt from a post at Lark News:

At the home of Neil and Sarah Parks, KJV-only proponents, Parks and his son Brian, the youngest of nine children, snuggle up to watch television equipped with the KJV Box. Neil flips through channels, notices that the Fox Network and other channels are eerily silent (the word “untranslatable” flashes on the screen), then comes to rest at the Food Channel where Emeril Lagasse counsels viewers to “grind thy pods, thy diverse herbs, and thy oil in the selfsame pot, until thy pottage hast come to fine consistency.” Before a commercial, Emeril points at the camera and the Box translates his words as, “Fix thyself to thy place! When I return, I give thee my bond we shall elevate the cooking to a higher plane, as from glory to glory!”

Full post available here.

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Mirthful Monday: The Reformation Polka – With Hyperlinks To Definitions Of Terms Used

mirthful monday

Yes, we have posted this in years past, but this being Reformation Week, it’s worth a repost.  Although, having grown up in a city that was heavily Polish to the point the local radio station used to play hours of polka music each Saturday morning, I’m not seeing a whole lot of polka dancing happening in the video – Frankie Yankovic would have been stunned.

We have also linked to definitions of words/terms/names used in the song – to Roman Catholic sources when possible, to avoid accusations of biased non-Roman Catholic definitions; but this, naturally, leaves the door open for biased Roman Catholic definitions.  You make up your own mind.

When I was just ein junger Mann I studied canon law;
While Erfurt was a challenge, it was just to please my Pa.
Then came the storm, the lightning struck, I called upon Saint Anne,
I shaved my head, I took my vows, an Augustinian! Oh…

Papal bulls, indulgences, and transubstantiation
Speak your mind against them and face excommunication!
Nail your theses to the door, let’s start a Reformation!
Papal bulls, indulgences, and transubstantiation!

When Tetzel came near Wittenberg, St. Peter’s profits soared,
I wrote a little notice for the All Saints’ Bull’tin board:
“You cannot purchase merits, for we’re justified by grace!
Here’s 95 more reasons, Brother Tetzel, in your face!” Oh…


They loved my tracts, adored my wit, all were exempleror;
The Pope, however, hauled me up before the Emperor.
“Are these your books? Do you recant?” King Charles did demand,
“I will not change my Diet, Sir, God help me here I stand!” Oh…


Duke Frederick took the Wise approach, responding to my words,
By knighting “George” as hostage in the Kingdom of the Birds.
Use Brother Martin’s model if the languages you seek,
Stay locked inside a castle with your Hebrew and your Greek! Oh…


Let’s raise our steins and Concord Books while gathered in this place,
And spread the word that ‘catholic‘ is spelled with lower case;
The Word remains unfettered when the Spirit gets a chance,
So come on, Katy, drop your lute, and join us in our dance! Oh…


Papal bulls, indulgences, and transubstantiation!

Mirthful Monday: Gregorian Idol

From The Sacred Sandwich.

Mirthful Monday: ‘Hairs Of Salvation’ from The Sacred Sandwich

More levity can be found at Sacred Sandwich World Headquarters.

hairs of salvation


Mirthful Monday: SBC Voices – Calvinists Go To McDonald’s, Arminians Go To Burger King



Which begins with:

I was dining at the Golden Arches yesterday with the lovely Mrs. when it occurred to me that right before my eyes was a theology lesson on a brown plastic tray.“Honey,” I began, “John Calvin would eat here.

The complete post is available here.



Mirthful Monday: Bunk Pews

From The Sacred Sandwich.  My only concern is that such an arrangement may turn out like what happens in the video below…..


Just be careful this doesn’t happen…..(relevant matter begins about 1:30)

Mirthful Mondays: The Joellet

From The Sacred Sandwich.

Mirthful Mondays: Deacon Flycatcher (from The Sacred Sandwich)

Descended from Eutychus?  See more at The Sacred Sandwich.


Mirthful Mondays Return….Eddie Eddings Rides Again!!

With the latest from Eddie Eddings at Calvinistic Cartoons.

Our Logo Design Contest Winner Is………..??????

The one, the only, incomparable, highly acclaimed, multi-talented and World Famous Blogger Supremo………..

Eddie Eddings!!

Our Committee has bestowed the award upon Eddie for his submission, shown here:

Eddie is the winner of our prize, which in his case is an Amazon gift card in an equivalent amount to his favorite systematic theology from our prize list.  We would, in Eddie’s case, add an all expenses paid trip to lands in the Middle East, but since he already lives there……sorry, Eddie.

So, our congratulations spring forth to Eddie and his amazing ability to actually know what in the world all those features in Photoshop actually do, much lees his ability to use them…..



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